We work with our communities to effect transformative change in the lives of local people. We offer one-off group workshops or project-based sessions where we consult the local people about the way they wish to shape the content and outcomes of the project. We are able to provide tailored sessions which relate to all members of the community. We offer a wide selection of Arts packages to Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Cultural Workshops

Cultural Workshops

  • Adinkra
  • Block printing (on fabric)
  • Coconut shell badge making
  • Caribbean art
  • Cultural graffiti
  • Tinga Tinga art
  • Aboriginal art
  • Indian art
  • Mask making (Indian/African)
  • Dyeing/printing (Indian, African, Asian, Celtic)
  • Cultural carnival art

Community Engagement

  • Fashion, sewing techniques, textiles
  • Art as a Social Enterprise
  • Gardening (Incredible Edible Scheme)

Skills for Life (Arts based)

  • Workplace skills
  • Building a C.V.
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Designing and building a community event
  • Senior Community Organiser skill set
  • Communication/relationship skills
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Individual or group bespoke packages developing skills from above through arts projects

Consultancy for Schools

Consultancy for Schools

What do we offer?

  • Half and Whole Days
  • Arts Week
  • Teacher inset days
  • Staff Meetings
  • Creative curriculum Consultancy
  • Creative Curriculum skills progression/ Development Frameworks

What are the positive outcomes for the children, staff and school?

  • Staff Development
  • Marketing opportunities
  • CC/Skills Progression / development
  • Enrichment for children / staff/school community.tnt

How do we nurture the Creative Curriculum?

Our planning workshops encourage broad inspirational starting points, relevant hands-on thematic experiences and strategies which promote curriculum inclusivity.

How do we support teaching professionals to upgrade their skills?

We support through staff meetings, planning opportunities, inset days, team teaching, and modelling.

What creative experiences do we provide?

Art-Silk painting, Batik, Felt making, Fabric marbling, Screen printing, Textile techniques, Costume/ hat making, Graffiti art, Murals etc….

Dance skills –Music skills, African drumming/percussion, music ensemble, singing, rapping , choir, cultural storytelling, drama, poetry, theatre skills etc….


All workshops/themed projects and courses are: (1) Subject to Safe – Guarding, Risk Assessment. (2) Pre-planned to align with Client Criteria. (3) Subject to feedback and Assessment (pre determined with Client).