We work with our local community organisations to create community-led bespoke Arts workshops suitable for a diverse range of ages, abilities and health and well-being initiatives. These can be ‘themed’ to include a wide variety of arts techniques. We offer weekly children/ youth arts workshops in term time and school holidays. Our courses are designed to meet individual needs.

Art Techniques

Art Techniques

  • Silk painting, sea-salt silk scarves
  • Willow sculptures, willow and tissue structures
  • Lantern making
  • Garden sculptures, wind/sensory sculptures
  • Mosaics, murals, garden pots, furniture, 3D models
  • Decoupage 3D models, tables, furniture
  • Fabric marbling/ paper marbling, 3D model marbling
  • Spray can graffiti, stencilling and design
Art Techniques

  • Plaster of paris model making
  • Felt making, felt items
  • Batik/Dyeing
  • Glass painting/Tile painting
  • Watercolour and acrylic techniques
  • Prop/Set painting
  • Puppetry
  • Group murals
Music Workshops

Music Workshops

  • African drumming/Percussion circle
  • Junk percussion
  • Acapella singing
  • African samba fusion group
  • Music production
  • Soundscape for storytelling
  • Sound sculptures
Theatre Workshops

Theatre Workshops

  • Anansi storytelling (Ghana and Jamaica)
  • Tinga Tinga storytelling
  • African dance techniques
  • African costume/headdress/customs (Rastafari) artefacts.
  • Indian storytelling (and all above)


All workshops/themed projects and courses are: (1) Subject to Safe – Guarding, Risk Assessment. (2) Pre-planned to align with Client Criteria. (3) Subject to feedback and Assessment (pre determined with Client).